Submersible Robotic Cleaning System for Covered Lagoons

Covered lagoons require regular cleaning to work properly. Sediment and sludge can build up over time, creating a thick layer at the bottom of your lagoon. This layer makes your lagoon operate less efficiently and compromises its structural integrity.

Traditional cleaning methods for covered lagoons can be challenging and expensive. At Bristola, we’ve developed a state-of-the-art alternative to conventional cleaning. Our zero-human entry system cleans your lagoon while saving your company money and protecting your employees’ safety.

Submersible Robotic Cleaning System for Covered Lagoons

How Traditional Covered Lagoon Cleaning Works

Cleaning your covered lagoon the traditional way poses safety hazards alongside financial and logistical challenges. First, you must drain your covered lagoon. This process requires your facility to halt operations, resulting in downtime that costs your company money.

You’ll also need a temporary storage solution for any new materials generated while your covered lagoon is out of production, which can be pricey.

Finally, you must remove all or a significant portion of your cover. This process is expensive and time-consuming, but it can also compromise your cover’s integrity.

Submersible Robotic Cleaning System for Covered Lagoons

Our Cleaning System for Covered Lagoons: Better Than A One-Time Cleaning

Our Submersible Robotic Cleaning System eliminates the problems that come with traditional cleaning. Our remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) clean your lagoon while it’s full, so you can keep your lagoon in production during cleaning.

Lagoon cleaning is more complex than tank cleaning. The process requires modifying a portion of your lagoon berm to accept a prefabricated concrete wall and sloped area. This wall allows us to place a manhole below the liquid level of your lagoon, which accepts our pressure box for ROV deployment. Our ROV provides a thorough cleaning while keeping your lagoon’s liner protected.

Initial installation requires draining your lagoon and removing a portion of your cover. After the initial installation, we can clean your lagoon without disrupting your operations.

With our system in place, you’ll eliminate costly downtime and get a great return on your investment.

Learn more about our Submersible Robotic Cleaning System here.

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