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About SAAF Energy

SAAF Energy creates renewable energy and biogas from organic waste through a range of customized, modular, plug-and-play anaerobic digesters and containerized membrane upgradation technology. SAAF biogas plants enable the ‘virtuous’ circle of turning organic waste into renewable power and safe fertilizer, while lowering CO2 emissions and improving revenue.

SAAF Energy’s mission is to build biogas plants, which help build livable, sustainable and energy-secure cities that borrow from the past, present and future. As an Indo-German company, they offer a turnkey, lifecycle approach of turning waste to bioenergy from concept to commissioning.

SAAF Energy

SAAF Energy Systems

SAAF Energy is one of the few providers with the capacity to undertake small-scale projects starting at a few hundred kilos per day to large-scale projects of several hundred tons per day. From project planning to service, SAAF systems transform bio waste streams into resources, feedstocks and substrates to power the clean energy transition.

The planning of your best-in-class biogas plant happens during this stage. Based on waste baseline data, local regulations and customer needs, we determine the energy and manure potential. We then propose tailored technological schemes and develop a financial model. Before designing the biogas plant, we inspect the site and conduct geological and topographic surveys.

During this stage, we do GA, PFD/PID, site layout, structural and related engineering drawings, perform static calculations, and prepare utility and instrumentation diagrams. We also conduct feasibility studies and detailed project reports, ROI forecasts, scenario analyses, and more. We assist our customers in ensuring that necessary permits for construction and commissioning, environmental operating licenses, certifications, and other input-output contracts are in place.

We co-create and derive the techno-commercial specifications and KPIs of the project with our customers–taking responsibility for all stages of the biogas plant set-up and delivery throughout contract management, assembly, inspection and quality control, installation, commissioning, and into the O&M phase of the plant life cycle.

We start equipment dry tests, tanks and pipes hydraulic tests, bacterial inoculum delivery, function testing, startup of biogas plants from zero to on-set characteristics, and training of operators. We provide start-up support of each biogas plant until the expected target performance level is reached.

We offer comprehensive O&M/AMC, as well as biological and technical service, supervision and support. We incorporate real-time visibility, monitoring and reporting of our biogas plants from laboratory to remote monitoring systems (RMS). Our after-sale services include adjustments of substrate loading/unloading modes, temperature regimes and nutrient additives correction, as well as spare parts supply, repowering, retrofits, upgrades of existing biogas plants and more.

SAAF Energy

Environmental Compliance
Corporate ‘Environmental’ Responsibility. In-situ Waste Management. Circular Economy. Annual ‘Green’ Reporting.

No Tipping Fees
Savings on Baseline Collection and Transportation and Disposal Charges. Help Shutdown Landfills.

Biogas & Renewable Energy
Clean Cooking, BioNG or BioPower, and Reduced Fossil Fuel Bills.

SAAF Energy

Bio Fertilizer
Fermented Organic Manure. From Food Waste to Food! Sustainable Agriculture. Lower Chemical Input Costs.

GHG Offsets
Decarbonization. Landfill Emission Avoidance. Fossil Fuel Substitution. Carbon Neutrality. Net Zero Target.

Making Profits Renewable
Three- to Four-Year Estimated Payback Period. Attractive ROI Over 15 to 20 Years of Asset Life. The Impact Investment ‘Gold Standard’.

SAAF Energy

Bulk Waste Generators

  • Corporates & Business Parks
  • Industrial Staff Canteens
  • Commercial & Cloud Kitchens
  • Supermarkets & Food Malls
  • Residential, Commercial & Municipal Communities
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Schools & Universities

Agro & Processing

  • Agri Markets
  • Food Processing Unit
  • F&B Industry
  • Dairy, Poultry & Livestock Industry
  • Sugar, Palm Oil & Crop Residues
  • And More
SAAF Energy

System Integrators

  • Waste Collectors & Aggregators
  • Environmental Solution Providers
  • Infra & EPC Companies
  • Energy Utilities & RESCOs
  • MiniGrids & Distributed EV Charging Stations
  • Gas Offtakers & Distributors

System Enablers

  • Foundations, Climate & Philanthropic Organizations
  • Carbon Credit Platforms
  • Impact Capital
  • Special Purpose Investment Vehicles (SPV)
  • PayGo & Biogas-as-a-Service Models
  • RE Project Developers, Operators & Financiers
SAAF Energy


Clean, modular, plug-and-play, assembled, nature-inspired systems for diverse waste streams and biogas applications; designed and delivered to meet global standards.

Indo-German interdisciplinary core team with pioneering and proven biogas track record from 0.5 to 600 tons per day across India, Europe, Middle East and Australia.

Co-creation and systems design, open-book, cost plus pricing, input-output lifecycle performance monitoring and environmental data reporting. 

The understanding that delivery time, O&M, PLF and plant uptime are the critical KPIs for the long-term success of your biodigester in dealing with a 24/7×365-day waste stream.

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