Submersible Robotic Cleaning System

Routine cleaning is essential to the health of your tank or covered lagoon. Over time, sediment from minerals and particles in liquids can build up into a thick layer at the bottom of your tank. This buildup affects the structural integrity of your tank and the quality of your liquids.

Submersible Robotic Cleaning SystemTank cleaning can be a challenging and expensive task. With traditional cleaning methods, you may need to drain your tank and have your employees enter it to clean it. This process creates costly downtime and jeopardizes your employees’ safety. Draining your tank or covered lagoon also requires finding a temporary storage solution for new materials generated while your facility is offline for cleaning, which poses financial and logistical challenges.

At Bristola, we’ve solved these problems with our proprietary Submersible Robotic Cleaning System. We use a submersible, remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to remove sediment without draining your tank or putting your employees at risk. You can keep your storage facility in production during the cleaning process, eliminating downtime to save your business money.


We install our zero-human-entry systems for new builds and existing storage facilities to meet all your needs.

Submersible Robotic Cleaning System

How Does it Work?

Our submersible robotic cleaning system keeps tanks, covered lagoons and other liquid storage facilities in good condition. It is a full-service system that cleans and maintains your tank. It also evaluates, reports and stores data about your tank’s condition and performance.

Bristola’s submersible robotic cleaning system includes a unique manhole cover that allows our remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to get inside your tank without draining it. Instead, the ROV goes in from the roof of your tank or the cover of your lagoon.

The ROV is attached to a winch system that allows it to reach the tank’s floor from valve holes at different heights. As the robot removes the sludge, the sludge travels through a flexible hose to a processing option of your choice. When finished, the winch and hose system retrieves the ROV. The ROV returns to the home location before being retracted back into the pressure box for removal.

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Submersible Robotic Cleaning System

Benefits of Our Zero-Human-Entry System

Whether you have a new or existing storage facility, our zero-human-entry cleaning system offers many benefits, including:

  • Cost savings: Our system keeps your tank or covered lagoon clean without pausing your operations, reducing costly downtime.
  • Convenience: Our system does not require any maintenance on your part.
  • Improved safety: Our system eliminates the need for manual cleaning, significantly reducing human exposure hours and keeping your employees safe.

Entry Portal

Bristola offers a unique entry portal that is placed on the manhole of tanks. This entry valve can be adapted to fit any any manhole 24 inches in diameter or greater. Once the portal is placed on the tank, it can accept the Bristola entry box and open and close access to the tank. Installing this portal will allow Bristola to easily re-enter and service your tank for years to come.

Submersible Robotic Cleaning System

Solutions for New Builds

Our installation team is available for new build projects. We install all of our hardware and system components before your company puts your new tank in production. Depending on your industry, we may also incorporate a special floor design to give you the best results.

You’ll save time and money on future cleanings when we install our system during the new build process. With your tank set up for our zero-human-entry cleaning system, you’ll eliminate the need to plan and budget for downtime.

Submersible Robotic Cleaning System

Installation in Existing Storage Facilities

Our zero-human-entry system is also available for existing storage facilities, and we follow a thorough process to ensure installation is seamless. First, we manually clean your tank to remove existing sediment and prepare for installation. After your tank is clean, we install our hardware and system components.

With our system in place, there is no need for future draining or manual tank cleaning. Our system also allows you to continually maintain your storage facility’s capacity, maximizing your available storage and avoiding downtime for cleaning.

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