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Your Future Is Clean

We can help you maintain the quality of your facilities, while staying up and running, allowing you to keep your team safe, save you time, and save you money.


Yes! A demo can be scheduled by contacting us.

Yes! Bristola can assess your needs and create a plan for the most effective cleaning. Contact us to discuss your covered lagoon.

A Sonar and operator experience.

More cost-effective than the traditional methods you use now.

Consider this case study:

Current Cleaning Process approximately every 5 years:

  • $300,000 Direct Cost of Cleaning Tank
  • $200,000 Loss of Revenue during Cleaning Process
  • $240,000 Chemical Treatment/Storage
  • $240,000 Other Costs related to cleanout

Annualized cost – $250,000

Use of the Bristola – SRCS:

  • $300,000 1st Time Cleaning – 20-Year Life
  • $150,000 Annual Clean with Bristola Subscription Service
  • $150,000 Initial Tank Modification Cost

Annualized Cost = $170,000 

$80,000 savings per tank per year

YES! In fact, we require a maintained operation to ensure liquid remains in the tank for dilution of the sediment.

Save money. Save time. Save lives.

Contact us to keep your liquid storage facilities clean and operating smoothly.