Sediment Mapping Service

If you operate a noncovered lagoon or pond, you know how important it is to keep it stabilized. Soil naturally erodes into ponds and lagoons over time along with sediment from your process creating a sediment layer. When this material accumulates in your lagoon or pond, it creates a layer of sediment that affects your water quality and your capacity.

At Bristola, we offer sediment mapping services to determine where sediment accumulates in your uncovered pond or lagoon and how much there is. With this data, you can make informed decisions about how to improve your water quality and get your capacity back.

Sediment Mapping Service

How Our Sediment Mapping Service Works

At Bristola, we use sophisticated technology to show you what’s going on inside your noncovered pond or lagoon. We start by measuring the amount of sediment on the bottom of your pond using advanced sonar technology. Our system is also equipped with GPS technology, allowing us to map your pond and the immediate surrounding areas with precision. We then use state-of-the-art software to create 3D renderings of our findings. You’ll get a detailed look at the characteristics of your pond, including:

  • Average and maximum water depths.
  • Sediment volumes and thickness.
  • Settlement variations across the pond or lagoon
Sediment Mapping Service

Benefits of Our Sediment Mapping Service

You can use the information collected from our sediment mapping service to anticipate and budget for dredging. Dredging is a necessary practice that removes sediment and organic matter accumulation from the bed of your pond or lagoon. It can be an expensive process that requires planning and budgeting to ensure the best possible outcome.

Knowing how much sediment is in your pond helps you determine when it’ll need dredging services. Periodic sediment mapping also helps you monitor your pond’s infilling rate, allowing you to identify issues, make adjustments and plan for dredging.

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