Digester Tank Building

Building digester tanks is the solution to reusing waste from animal manure, food processing and industrial wastewater processes. In 2018, the EPA reported that about 44 million tons of wasted food went to landfills and combustion facilities. However, with digester tanks, companies and farms can use their waste to create renewable energy, save money and make a profit. This form of creating renewable energy is rising in popularity as society moves away from fossil fuels.

Digester Tank Building

What Is a Biogas Digester Tank?

Anaerobic digestion, which is the process of breaking down organic components, is carried out in specific digester tanks. Waste materials such as manure, wastewater or food waste are put into these airless tanks. Microbial organisms then break down the organic matter to create biogas and digestate.

Digestate is a nutrient-rich material that can serve as organic fertilizer, animal bedding and organic compost. Biogas is a renewable energy fuel that has several uses, including:

  • Generating heat and electricity for businesses and homes.
  • Running vehicles with alternative fuel.
  • Providing power cooling systems.

Common Types of Anaerobic Digester Tanks

While digester tanks carry out the same process and offer similar results, their methods can vary. The most common differences between digesters are elements like the operating temperature, feedstock variation, flow style and content moisture. Some common types of Anaerobic digester tanks made for waste like manure and wastewater treatment include:

  • Covered lagoon digester.
  • Plug flow digester.
  • Complete mix digester.
  • Dry digester.
Digester Tank Building

Digester Building Service

As the world moves further from nonrenewable resources, the need for digester tank construction increases. The newer digester tank technology can create a continuous process for producing energy, steering society toward the development of self-sustaining communities.

At Bristola, we work closely with a top digester manufacturer to ensure the successful construction of your digester tank, and we use certified, award-winning technology that has been used in over 350 biogas digesters in 25 countries since 2001.

Digester building is an important task that requires attention to detail from an experienced team. We understand the importance of a strong, functioning digester and strive to provide quality labor and service to construct these biogas tanks. Bristola also offers an after-sale support service to help you maintain your new digester tank and solve any problems you may run into.

We provide you with fast and reliable solutions. Our personalized support system comprises an attentive team that will thoroughly assess the problem and help you understand your options. We will work quickly to get your tank up and running while taking steps to prevent it from happening again. You can have confidence knowing that we will help you maximize your uptime, ensuring you get the most out of your digester tank.

Choose Bristola for Your Digester Tank Building

Anaerobic digestion is the future of renewable energy and, with over 20 years of field experience in the industry, Bristola works tirelessly to deliver top-of-the-line digester building technology and services. We give you the confidence you need to successfully convert your everyday waste into profitable and valuable renewable energy.

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