SAAF Energy India Partners With Bristola USA

SAAF Energy India Partners with Bristola USA Graphic

SAAF Energy India has entered into a strategic investment agreement and partnership with Bristola USA. This development opens a bridge and two-way technology transfer between the companies and the US and Indian biogas industries, leveraging the ideal convergence of tech co-creation and mutual market access. This partnership further deepens the relationship between the two largest democracies in the world. 

With both the US and Indian biogas markets going through a boom cycle, SAAF India and Bristola USA realized the opportunity to integrate our complementary technologies to provide end users in both countries with clean energy. SAAF Energy generates renewable energy and biogas from organic waste through their Indo-German range of customized, modular, plug-and-play anaerobic digesters and containerized membrane upgradation technology, while Bristola provides a safer, more efficient, and more economical solution for cleaning liquid storage facilities through a patented, submersible, robot-based, zero-human-entry tank cleaning system. This strategic platform provides customers in both countries and beyond with a synergistic, lifecycle-oriented, digester solution that is both user friendly and operates fully online. 

“SAAF is excited to announce our entry into the fast-growing US biogas market in partnership with our strategic investors Bristola.” [Harshad Kulkarni, CEO]

“This US-INDIA partnership represents a meeting of minds and a unique window of opportunity to connect the dots in terms of our respective tech portfolios and open doors to new integrated projects in two of the fastest-growing Biogas industries in the world.” [Aashish Dutt, Co-Founder]

“Bristola and its team is excited to be able to offer the only full circle solution in the biogas market by bringing state of the art cleaning and maintenance technology together with a wide range of sustainable biogas equipment and engineering allowing us to offer something no other supplier in this market can. A one stop shop for all things Biogas.” [Jared Burma, CEO Bristola]  

Both SAAF and Bristola are committed to cleaning up the environment by harnessing the power of carbon-negative anaerobic digestion technology systems, while also creating a safer, bankable, and complete solution for users. This partnership is intended to address the global waste, fossil fuel, and climate change challenge by transforming biowaste into renewable energy, fermented organic manure, and quality of life. 

If you would like more information on this topic outside of North America, contact Harshad Kulkarni, SAAF CEO, at [email protected] / +91 9923423401 or Aashish Dutt, SAAF Co-Founder, at [email protected] / +91 9845372120. If you would like more information on this topic inside North America, contact Chad Neleman, Bristola Business Development, at [email protected] / 515-289-0705.

About SAAF Energy–SAAF’s mission is to build biogas plants, which help build livable, sustainable, and energy-secure cities that borrow from the past, present and future. As an Indo-German company, they offer clean, modular, and nature-inspired systems designed to meet global standards, enabling businesses and communities to achieve environmental compliance, reduce waste disposal costs, generate renewable energy and organic fertilizer, all while ‘making profits renewable’ and environmental systems truly ‘circular’. 

About Bristola–Bristola was founded in 2019 by Jared Burma based on passion, experience, and a close call in a tank that nearly cost him his life. Bolstered by a belief that renewable clean energy is the key to our shared future, Bristola operates with one mission in mind: to revolutionize the capture of renewable gases by providing a safer, more efficient, and economical solution for cleaning liquid storage facilities that will successfully reduce their operational downtime and carbon footprint.