How Often Should a Digester Tank Be Cleaned?

How Often Should You Clean an Anaerobic Digester?

You should have your digester tank cleaned at least once every several years. At Bristola, we provide digester tank cleaning services that keep your tank running at peak efficiency while saving you time and money during the process.

A digester is a tank used for the biological treatment of organic matter. It helps control operational and environmental variables to speed up the treatment process.

Within a closed, oxygen-free digester, organic matter such as food waste and cow manure is broken down by microorganisms through anaerobic digestion. The broken-down organic materials create biogas, a renewable fuel that can be used for heating and electricity.

Routine cleaning is essential to your digester's health. Over time, debris, grit and solids can build up at the bottom of your digester. A scum blanket can also develop at the digester's top. The buildup at the bottom of the tank and the scum blanket on top reduce the digester's effectiveness, preventing proper digestion.

Anaerobic Digester Tank Cleaning

Cleaning a digester tank can be a challenging task. Traditional cleaning methods may require halting production and emptying your digester, resulting in downtime and temporary storage expenses.

Once the digester is empty, workers must manually clean it. Typically, manual cleaning involves confined space entry in a harsh environment. Manual entry puts workers' safety at risk, increasing their chance of injury and exposure to hazardous materials.

Benefits of Our Digester Tank Cleaning Services

At Bristola, we've solved the logistical, financial and safety problems of traditional digester cleaning. Our submersible robotic cleaning system replaces the manhole cover on your digester, allowing our remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to enter through a new maintenance hole. Your digester can remain full while our ROVs clean, and no one has to enter the digester during the process.

We also offer a unique entry portal that is placed on the manhole of tanks that will allow us to easily re-enter and service your tank. 

With our system in place, you can save time and money on digester cleaning while keeping your employees safe. Your digester will operate at a superior level with a more secure and efficient cleaning method.

Contact Bristola for Anaerobic Digester Tank Cleaning

If it's been a few years since your digester was cleaned, Bristola can help. We are experts at anaerobic digester cleaning, with over 20 years of field service in the industry.

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